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BE Direct Drive 9-13 HP

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BE Single Handle

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BE Cool Drive

Number: 25
Part Number: CD-3513HWBSGEN
SubDescription: 13 HP GX General
Engine: Honda 13 HP GX390
Pump: General TS1511
PSI: 3,500
GPM: 4.0
Weight: 210 lbs.
Components: 14,000 Cleaning units, Chemical injector kit, 13" Foam-Filled Tires, Quick-Release Stainless Steel belt guard, Laser aligned pulley fanning system, Industrial aluminum mags, 'EZ Start' adjustable unloader, Perm-A-Line belt tension system
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BE Compact Frame

Number: 50
Part Number: PE-3009HWCCOMZ
SubDescription: 9.0 HP GX Comet
Engine: Honda 9 HP GX270
Pump: Comet ZWD3030G
PSI: 3,000
GPM: 3.0
Weight: 130 lbs.
Components: Honda GX Engine, 9,000 Cleaning units, Adjustable unloader, Chemical injector kit, 10" Tubed pneumatic tires, 50 ft Steel braided hose, 4 Quick-Connect spray tips, 36" Insulated lance, 5,000 PSI Gun, Industrial Triplex pump, Stainless Steel Compact Frame,
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BE Direct Drive 4-6.5 HP

Part Number: PE-2005HWCOMXE
SubDescription: 5.0 HP GC Comet
Engine: Honda 5.0 HP GC160
Pump: Comet AXD2325G
PSI: 2,500
GPM: 2.5
Weight: 80 lbs.
Components: Honda GC Engine, 5750 Cleaning units, Chemical injector kit, 10" Pneumatic tires, 25 ft Steel braided hose, 4 Quick-Connect spray tips, 2,600 PSI Gun, 36" Insulated Lance, Direct Drive
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BE Large Belt Drive

Number: 1
Part Number: PE-5024HWEBSGEN
SubDescription: 24 HP GX, General
Engine: Honda Electric Start 24 HP GX620
Pump: General T5050
PSI: 5,000
GPM: 5.0
Weight: 290 lbs.
Components: 25,000 Cleaning units, 13" Pneumatic tires, 50ft Steel braided hose, Thermal relief valve [145°], Safety relief valve, 4 Quick-connect spray tips, Industrial Triplex pump, 4 Gallon gas tank, Drip tray, 36" Insulated lance, 5,000 PSI Gun, Stainless steel frame, Belt Drive
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