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Darco Acid Cleaner

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Darco CIP Cleaner

A liquid chlorinated detergent for pipeline and tank cleaning. Removes proteins, fats and acidic materials. Dries spot free.
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Darco Boilout Compound

Heavy-duty no-foam powder used as boilout compound in food , meat, fish and poultry Processing operations. Formulated to break up and disperse most tenacious baked food soil. Low foaming.
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Darco Decontaminating Spray

Decontaminating spray for Door Mats and Food Plant Entrances
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Mosmatic Industrial Cleaning

Industry requires simple cleaning solutions that can be implemented with little effort and have high impact. This is where MOSMATIC excels using water, a high RPM swivel and a rotor arm.
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Douglas SD-36-BW Bucket Washer

The Douglas Machine SD-36-BW is a large capacity, easy to install workhorse that is designed to wash and sanitize buckets, lids, utensils and other containers commonly found in the food processing industry. This powerfully efficient machine features a convenient split door design and a heavy duty 15 H.P. pump. With approximately 40% more capacity than the SD-20-BW and a typical wash/rinse cycle of just 5 minutes, clean-up is quick and economical.
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Darco Brushless Vehicle Detergent

This is a pressure washer detergent, either used through a pressure washer or sprayed through a knapsack sprayer Spray uniformly from bottom up wards and wash from top down to prevent streaking. Will remove road film and smoke film without scrub
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Douglas WRBO-2500-BW Basket Tunnel Washer

Douglas Machines’ tunnel washers quickly and efficiently clean containers of various sizes and shapes including pans, trays, moulds, pallets, totes, bins, crates, baskets, barrels, drums, screens, smoke sticks, racks, buckets and lids. Select from over 40 standard Douglas Machines’ tunnel washer models or rely on our expert sales and engineering staff to custom design a solution to match your specific requirements.
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Darco Disinfectant Detergent

Heavy-duty industrial detergent containing dual quaternary ammonium chloride. Suitable for cleaning floors, washrooms and other areas likely to harbour micro-organisms.
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Darco Multi-Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Wash

Multi-Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Wash
A concentrated liquid power wash detergent specially formulated for use in vehicle washing.
              Removes all road soils without manual brushing. 
              Can be used for spray cleaning.
              Biodegradeable and phosphate -free.
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Darco General Purpose Cleaning Powder

All purpose powder does not contain sodium hydroxide, phosphates. Dust free; suitable for cleaning floors, equipment, vants, etc. Biodegradable. Formulated to dissolve fats proteins & carbohydrates.
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