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Darco Brushless Vehicle Detergent

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Darco Hypochlorite Liquid

Chlorinated all-purpose cleaner concentrate
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Darco Vertical Surface Cleaner

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Darco Heavy Duty Degreaser

An extra heavy-duty industrial detergent. Formulated to remove oil, fat, grease, protein etc. It is also a pressure washer detergent. Safe on all types of surfaces including stainless steel, plastics, etc. If you have a pressure washer this is the product.
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Darco Multi-Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Wash

Multi-Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Wash
A concentrated liquid power wash detergent specially formulated for use in vehicle washing.
              Removes all road soils without manual brushing. 
              Can be used for spray cleaning.
              Biodegradeable and phosphate -free.
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Darco Acid Cleaner

Mineral acid detergent concentrate foe use in meat packers, food processing plants, and breweries. It will remove milk stains, water scales, rust and proteinaceous deposits. Excellent concrete cleaner and metal deruster.
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Darco General Purpose Cleaning Powder

All purpose powder does not contain sodium hydroxide, phosphates. Dust free; suitable for cleaning floors, equipment, vants, etc. Biodegradable. Formulated to dissolve fats proteins & carbohydrates.
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Darco Decontaminating Spray

Decontaminating spray for Door Mats and Food Plant Entrances
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Darco Instant Emulsifier

Emulsifies Oils, animal and vegetable fats, disinfects and deodorises instantaneously and simultaneously
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Darco Touchless Vehicle Wash

Touchless Vehicle Wash
A revolutionary heavy duty vehicle detergent specially formulated for touchless vehicle washing.
              Safe on all types of surfaces.
              Contains no harmful solvents.
              Completely biodegradable.
              Streak-free rinse.
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Darco Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent

Foaming heavy duty alkaline detergent
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