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Darco General Purpose Cleaning Powder

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Darco Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent

Foaming heavy duty alkaline detergent
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Darco Acid Cleaner

Mineral acid detergent concentrate foe use in meat packers, food processing plants, and breweries. It will remove milk stains, water scales, rust and proteinaceous deposits. Excellent concrete cleaner and metal deruster.
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Darco Hypochlorite Liquid

Chlorinated all-purpose cleaner concentrate
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Douglas 2554-B Rack, Pan and Utensil Washer

This Douglas Machine Model 2554-B features a rear mounted pump design, 25 H.P. motor and a 54 pan capacity. The wash chamber measures 36" wide x 65½" deep x 76½" high. Supplied with special "roll-in" wash racks that are designed and built to match your specific containers.
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Darco Instant Emulsifier

Emulsifies Oils, animal and vegetable fats, disinfects and deodorises instantaneously and simultaneously
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Darco GMPC Cleaner

Neutral cleaner for granite, marble and porcelain surfaces
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Darco CIP Cleaner

A liquid chlorinated detergent for pipeline and tank cleaning. Removes proteins, fats and acidic materials. Dries spot free.
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Darco Commercial Flat Surface Cleaner

The Darco surface cleaner for cold and warm water applications. This popular surface cleaner is a top performer and is perfect for cleaning parking lots, gas stations, school yards, entry ways, etc.
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Darco Floor Cleaner Powder

Heavy-duty alkaline powder formulated to remove heavy accumulation of fat, grease, wax and other soils. Pine oil scented to give a fresh clean environment. No phosphates and no sodium hydroxide.
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Darco Brushless Vehicle Detergent

This is a pressure washer detergent, either used through a pressure washer or sprayed through a knapsack sprayer Spray uniformly from bottom up wards and wash from top down to prevent streaking. Will remove road film and smoke film without scrub
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